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This blog post remained in my drafts folder for almost a year, and so I find myself rewriting the things I am thankful for. This is not exactly recycled as you might think. I don't know why I was not able to publish a blog post like this last year, maybe I became too busy being a new mom or maybe I was just feeling uninspired. This year is a little bit different though because I'd be an ingrate if I won't acknowledge the things I'm thankful for.

Two more days and it'll be a new year. Wow! Can you believe it? Just this unfolding of a brand new day is already something that I am so thankful for. We flew to my parent's house in Southern Mindanao a little over a week ago so everything's pretty chill. I've been away from the congestion of Metro Manila and life's a little slower here. Like I mentioned in one of my "The Sunday Currently" blog posts, I'm not sure how I would write my year-ender post. But hey, I am finally writing and I hope to publish this before another year leafs over.

1. The gift of life and motherhood. I still consider motherhood as the greatest gift I have ever received. For that alone, I am truly blessed.

2. My husband. We're closing the year without a single fight in our book and that is amazing! I'm thankful for him because he has been working so hard inorder to provide for us while at the same time investing for our future house and lot. We've finally paid off our lot and construction of the house will begin as soon as the lot title will be released to us.

3. The blessings of love, marriage and family. I'm humbled with all the challenges that have come my way but with the love and support of my family I am still standing and nothing can topple me down.

4. The gift of an excellent bill of health. I've never been hospitalized and I've only experienced the occasional cough and colds.

5. The ability to travel. We were able to travel to Denmark (Copenhagen, Hillerød, Jelling, Hundested, Tisvildelej, Skagen, Lokken, Blokhus, and Helsingør)  and Helsingborg in Sweden this year.

6. Friendship. I'm thankful to all my friends who have made my 2016 extra colorful.

7. Blogging and graphic design projects. I experienced so much perks of being a blogger this year and I hope to work harder this coming year. I'm really motivated and inspired to go on.

8. Material things and surprises. I'd be a hypocrite if I tell you that I am not thankful for the tangible things that I've owned this year. I'm thankful that apart from acquiring the ones I really need, I was also able to buy a number of items in my wants list.

This coming 2017, I hope for at least 3 things:

1. A year just like 2016 - if not better!
2. Better parenting to my daughter as well as kicking off homeschooling with her.
3. For all our travel plans to push through. Prague, wait for us!

Of course, I'd like to thank you my dear readers for not abandoning me and my blog. Cheers to 2017! I hope you would continue to support me for the next year to come. And oh by the way, I started a new Instagram account dedicated solely to the photos from blog posts and other inspiring photos. I want to make the feed uncluttered and more organized. 

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year. Where will you ring in the New Year?

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