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We just got home from the finale show of Ballet Manila's Cinderella. It was absolutely magical!

Summer looked uninterested in this photo. However, the truth behind the picture is that she was so interested. She was clapping and cheering during the performance. I was too shy to request another photo to capture her smile. There were still people in line and the dancers need their rest as well so we gave way to the person next in line. There will be a next time and I am claiming that.

I am currently...

reading an email sent by my husband. He's coming home! After almost 4 months at sea he's finally coming home and it will be his first ever Christmas in the Philippines and his first Christmas with our baby as well. So exciting!

writing an email to Globe Telecom to document the conversation I had with the customer service representative. A couple of days ago I received my broadband bill and it was already opened. The edge was cut with a pair of scissors so I felt the tampering was really intentional. I was a little bit miffed and at the same time scared. On hindsight, what would they benefit from opening a utility bill?

listening to the Ballet Manila Cinderella playlist on Spotify. I'm not over the show yet. Really happy as well that we were able to meet Lisa Macuja and the rest of the main characters after the performance. Great job Ballet Manila. It was indeed an awesome show.

thinking of enrolling my daughter in a toddler ballet class after watching the show. I used to dance ballet when I was in grade school but my training was just basic. I think it would be a nice discipline for Summer to learn. I hope she likes it! Although I think she's more inclined into the physical stunts like handstands and roll overs and jumping up and down the trampoline.

smelling Gucci Envy on my wrist. I love the longevity of this perfume.

watching vlogmas episodes on Youtube.

wishing for a warm venti toffee nut latte to fall in front of me right now. This is serious craving y'all!

hoping that my credit card replacement will arrive this week. I had to have it replaced because a crook tried to shop at Selfridges London using my credit card information. Good thing my bank was able to flag the transaction and they called me immediately to verify if I made the purchase myself.

wearing leggings and short dress. I have not outgrown my maternity fashion. LOL!

loving the taste of the coffee crumble ice cream I ate a few minutes ago. I love the nutty texture too.

wanting to start drafting my year-ender blog post but I don't know where to begin exactly. Maybe I'll just highlight a few wins and losses or maybe write a rundown of the monthly important events. I don't know. I'll sleep it over and see what I'll decide to do tomorrow.

needing to accomplish the year-end inventory for my organic bath and body products business. I have to finish it before we go on vacation. Ugh! So little time, too much to do!

feeling a bit overwhelmed. I can't believe 2016 is about to end. A few more days left in the calendar before 2017.

clicking through Youtube sites (while fighting back my sleepiness).

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I hope you had a wonderful Sunday!

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