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We received a letter from the homeowner's association of our village last week advising us to pay the association dues for our lot. As a first-time real property owner, I got a little confused because we have not constructed a house yet but we were already required to pay. The lady I talked to on the phone informed me that as long as the lot was already paid in full then we would need to pay the dues for it already. I told my husband about my conversation with the lady on the phone and he said we might need to ramp up plans for building the house in the next few months.

I have already spoken to an architect who will be designing the house and I have yet to contact somebody who would be taking charge of the interior design. We want a modern 3-storey house where the third floor will be a space where we can have a rooftop garden and host dinner and grilling parties with family and friends. It could also be a nice and windy coffee spot just before sundown.

Everything is negotiable for me except the kitchen design which is pretty much non-negotiable. I need a spacious kitchen with an old-school ceramic sink and a muted color splashback. Clear acrylic splashbacks like the one from the Simply Plastic is also an excellent idea if you ask me. If space would allow, I would want a small island as well which is fully-functional. I also dream of having a kitchen with lots of storage including this space-saving spice rack. Pinterest has been a great source for design ideas. In fact, I have created a board dedicated for how I want our house to look and feel. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks Pinterest is heaven-sent especially to anyone who loves DIY projects.

Here's a kitchen layout from the House Beautiful website that I really adore at the moment:

This beautiful kitchen has that fun vibe with it:

As for the bedroom, I want something uncluttered, black and white walls, king-sized bed, with a walk-in closet and a little office for me. We're not keen on having a television inside the bedroom so the TV will stay in the family room or the living room.

This is the master's bedroom that I picture in my mind:

I would let my daughter decide what she wants for her bedroom. For now, she's fixated on cartoon characters but at her age but she's not really particular about anything or she does not have any demands yet. Maybe when she's three or four then we can ask her what she wants to see in her bedroom.

I have not decided yet if I plan to have a backyard garden as well but most definitely I am keen on gardening and cultivating vegetables and flowering plants. We will be traveling to Denmark again in summer so I am looking forward to seeing Scandinavian/Nordic interior design that will serve as inspiration as we design and build our dream house.

For now, I think there are more Pinterest-hours to be spent. 

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