7:15 PM

I'm not sure if I am in the healing and recovery phase already but I guess I have to in order to save my sanity, in order to be psychologically and emotionally present for my husband and my daughter as well as be mentally sound to face all my deliverables and obligations that I am required to accomplish. I've managed to finish the sponsored posts that I have signed up for and I'm having a pretty relaxed weekend so far.

I am currently...

reading the free ebook that came with the books that I ordered from Amazon. The books are about losing a child, grieving the loss and moving on.

writing the draft for the mechanics of a giveaway that I will be launching soon. It will be in partnership with a local hotel.

listening to Bruno Mars on Spotify. I surprisingly love Versace On The Floor. I've been listening to Mariah Carey's new single I Don't as well.

thinking of enrolling my daughter in a summer playschool to see if she's ready for nursery classes.

smelling nothing. I'm a little bit under the weather and I have a stuffy nose.

watching Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids Edition. I love Awra's impersonation on Liza Minelli and Xia's Ariana Grande number. Oh these kids!

wishing to be able to sleep early tonight. I can't wait to close my eyes and sleep.

hoping to fully accept why I miscarried. I still have not fully accepted the reality until now but I'll get there one day, some day.

wearing shorts and my husband's sleeveless shirt. I choose comfort over anything any day.

loving Conti's mango Bravo cake minus the thick cream.

wanting to get some work done but I'm too tired to even properly string sentences.

needing a good night rest so I can be up and about early tomorrow for my SSS appointment.

feeling blah and uninspired. I feel so lethargic.

clicking through blogs about Prague and Vienna.

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Have a safe and wonderful week ahead!

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