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Looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your husband can be really daunting. I personally find it difficult to look for gifts for men especially my husband. He's the kind that would appreciate what you will give him but would be turned off if you spent loads just to purchase the gift. It's not that he is being ungrateful. He is just the quintessential example of a super practical man of the house. He is just a simple man so he says so he requires nothing but necessities. He ain't basic so to speak but he's happy with basic things that he could wear or use again and again. How about you? Do you have this dilemma as well?

Come to think of it - husbands actually have an easier task when buying gifts for their wives or girlfriends for that matter. Of course, you know how it easy it is for women to appreciate even just a box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers on any occasion. Give any woman flowers and she would "temporarily" forget that she really wanted a new handbag more. Hint hint!

As Valentine's Day approaches and considering that the husband will be traveling for work again before the month ends, I have put together a list of gift ideas that I think he would like. I threw in a few more items that wives like me who might need a little help in the gifting department would fortunately appreciate. Yes, just to be very clear, gifts may not be the tangible things that you can buy in stores but my list includes priceless ways you with which you can bless your husband this year and the years to come. These items could be given on any occasion really if you ask me.  Of course, if you opt to make homemade gifts, that would be a great idea as well.

1. Camera - my husband visits a minimum of 5 countries for work in a span of 2-3 months and it would be nice if he can capture photos from each country he visits so he can keep mementos of his time in it.

2. Grooming Kit - I always make it a point that my husband's grooming kit is stocked and complete. It has his shaving products as well. There's scrub, soap, hand lotion though he rarely uses it, lip balm, shampoo and conditioner, shaving cream and body lotion.

3. Mobile phone upgrade - mobile phones are considered as a necessity now and not a luxury. Gone are the days when only the rich and famous can afford the best phone with the best features. I would not think twice of buying this for him because it is an important part of our relationship - long distance relationship for most months of the year.

4. Watch - I've never given my husband a watch so I guess this would be the perfect year to do it. I just don't know which brand to get but this will be in y to-do list in the next few days.

5. A good book - my husband loves to read so I'm going to pick out a book to add to his collection.

6. Prepare a meal - at home! Yes, at home! Who says you can't have a date night at home? Prepare your husband's favorite food and cook it a la Master Chef complete with restaurant quality plating and ambiance.

7. And of course a little bit of fashion - I'm very comfortable shopping online so I checked while they're having their winter sale. The site is full of stand out men's clothing trends as well as men's footwear.

I hope you found something interesting in my list. I also hope that the list helped you decide for the perfect gift for your husband or boyfriend as you look for something that would truly mean something for him. Even if my husband frowns upon lavishing him with gifts, I say I don't do this often so any purchase would always be justified. Keep this list and make it as your reader reference when you finally go shopping.

If you have more to add to the list, please let me know by leaving a comment below. Happy gifting!

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