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I am a Healthy Options shopper for a little over 10 years now and I always get the happy feeling as soon as I step inside their stores. Even before I started meal prepping, I already love making my grocery list, the shopping itself (including systematically going around the aisles so I don't miss anything) as well as arranging my finds inside the fridge or in our pantry. My husband often jokes that I'm like a hoarder when I buy because I always buy the big packages instead of the small ones. Healthy Options is always my go-to store for shopping for healthy options. 

In line with my 2017 goal to shift to a healthier lifestyle, I am exploring the possibility of introducing organic items to our daily diet. We have not been really cautious about this in the past but reading about GMOs and the unhealthy practices of farming makes me want to just feed my family with organic. If only I have a way to grow our own fruits and vegetables, I will. I want to feed my family nothing but healthy food especially my growing toddler. She loves food and she's a snacker so I make sure that we have available items in the fridge that she could nibble on. I also decided to jump on the healthy living wagon because my husband would often tell me that the only way for us to grow old (older) together is to eat healthier and pick the right choices. 

I buy my food supplements from Healthy Options. My OB actually approved of the folic acid and biotin I am taking which I bought from the store. Before I got pregnant with my daughter, I took folic acid for about a month and I also recommended it to my sister and my cousin. I would love to completely shift to all-organic diet because I'm scared knowing that the eggs or meat we consume may have antibiotics in it. Thinking about all the junk that I feed my body and my family is making me retch now. I can't possibly feed another cucumber to my daughter knowing that pesticides may have been used to make it grow and pest-free. When I buy eggplant in the market and I see worms inside I rejoice because well it gives me a little assurance that it might be pesticide-free. 

I know it will take just a bit more time before we finally switch to an organic-based life but hey small steps matters. In our artificial ingredients filled world, your best bet is to check out what Healthy Options offers. 

These are what we bought on last shopping trip. 

I already threw the original packaging of the golden flax seed before I photographed my haul. It's the same brand as the chia seeds though. 

These are my daughter's favorite cookies to date. I actually sneak in and eat a few bites too. This is delicious. I hope you take my word for it!

My most favorite Healthy Options branch to date is the one located at the ground level of Glorietta 2 in Makati City. It's the biggest branch that I have been to so far. I can't wait to visit the largest branch which is the Healthy Options Shangri-la. It is now open after its recent renovation and redesign.

Have you been to any of the branches of Healthy Options? Which one is your favorite?

DISCLOSURE: This is not a sponsored post. All the items were bought with my own money.

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