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Do you just think the weather in Metro Manila now is nuts? One moment it's scorching hot and the next, it's raining cats and dogs. The heat is so unbearable that all I really want is to hole inside the bedroom in the comforts of the air conditioning system. My daughter had fever and runny nose but she's feeling better now. She's still active and jolly but just a little bit clingier than usual. Every time she catches me busy with something, she would run to me and say "Hug you Mommy".

What's keeping me busy right now apart from the meal delivery business, is deciding where to egg hunt this Easter. Summer really enjoyed her first Easter egg hunting last year at the New World Makati Hotel so I am thinking of letting her join another event this year. She might be going as Little Mermaid or Maria Posada of the Book of Life. I'm probably more excited than her to be real honest. Hahaha!

I am currently...

reading the book Grieving The Child I Never Knew. I never expected to receive it anymore because Amazon has already refunded me my money. I never asked for a refund actually. I contacted Amazon's customer service to get an update for the delivery date because it was almost 2 months already since I ordered. They declared it to be lost but just a couple of days ago I received a notice from the post office. I actually did not think that the package contained the books I ordered from Amazon. I thought it was a different package. Should I contact Amazon and let them know that I received my order?

writing the menu for next week's meal delivery. I'm still undecided whether to open or close our business for the Holy Week. Maybe open until Wednesday. I'm still not sure...

listening to the soundtrack of Beauty and the Beast. I have watched the movie twice last week and I am still LSS-ing on the songs. I love it so much!

thinking of buying a food processor. I'm actually half-hearted on this though because my kitchen counters are all occupied now. I probably need to hold off on this a bit more until we move to our house. It's funny that my shopping list now has household items more than dresses or bags.

smelling the bunch of cilantro and the mabolo (velvet apple or velvet persimmon or peach bloom or scarlet fruit) I bought from the organic market today. Do you know that mabolo's smell is often compared to rotten cheese or cat feces? Ewwww! I don't think so. I think it smells pleasant. It actually smells like ripe plum to me.

watching nothing right now. I want to finish this blog post before I marinate the chicken that I will be cooking tomorrow.

wishing that my daughter will be completely healed when she wakes up tomorrow. I have a giant egg surprise waiting for her.

hoping to be able to finish my April budget. It's already the 2nd day of April and I am for sure lagging behind. Priorities need to be checked!

wearing hubby's short and shirt. LOL! It feels so comfy. I guess I just miss him.

loving the smoothies that I have been whipping up for the past couple of days. My favorite so far is the mixed berries topped with dried cranberries and chia seeds.

wanting to go back to Lander's right now and buy the KitchenAid copper pots and pans.

needing a new hair color. I'm thinking of changing my hair color DIY. I might do it tomorrow.

feeling excited for the coming week and feeling undeniably thankful that I won another blog contest. I won Php25,000 worth of gift certificates and sets of OFF! products. I will be sharing the products to my blog readers soon so I hope you will come back and join.

clicking on food calorie conversions websites. I'm looking for the best one to use moving forward.

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Have a safe and wonderful week ahead!

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