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Our family leans more towards bonding over outdoor activities such as hiking in the forests, walking from our home to the nearest parks in the community and exploring towns and cities we have not been to yet. However, as we have a very unconventional family life, the husband being based overseas most of the year and the weather in the country being either wet or dry, we have to find some fun ways to do whenever we get stuck inside the house with nothing else to do but watch the television, read books or browse the internet.

So what else can we do? I have been cracking my head open lately thinking about fun online activities that every member of the family can enjoy. I am on my screeching halt already as the husband will be coming back again from another short stint overseas within the week.

I see you are nodding. Yep, it is always glorious when the house smells like butter-flavored popcorn and everyone attempts to beat each one to get the comfiest seat in the house before the "pick of the week" rolls the opening credits. Well, as it is, the littlest member of the family always gets to choose which movie she wants to see for the week and the older ones are just but happy to oblige. Without a doubt, this is the best family activity that we have been accustomed to.

Last year I remember how we were all got caught up in playing Monopoly. Everyone got so serious, the games were so intense. I couldn't wait to take out the board game again and as I only won once, I plan to win again the next time we play.

But there are times that we just want to go in our own little corners and enjoy our alone time inside the house. When I am bored, I just go online and browse aimlessly - basically just letting the internet suck me into its abyss. Sometimes, I look for online games to play because hey I've had enough of Candy Crush already.

On the other hand, the husband catches up on his Danish TV shows on his laptop or play his favorite video game and the little one takes out her bag of toys or watch and sing-along to the Moana soundtrack over and over again.

But of course, we want to spend time together having family fun so I've come up with a little list of the games I want to try on a Saturday night or when the weather is unfavorable outside:

1. Dizzy Mummy - this is something that the little one will definitely enjoy and I can see that she would love to participate and be the mummy for this game. I can almost hear her say "Oh my goodness!" already.

2. Stack It Up - race against time to stack up as many Lego blocks as possible.

3. Pie Face Game - this would be super fun for sure.

4. Story Telling - everyone can participate here and would definitely improve public speaking skills. Oh and yes, the more expressive and animated a storyteller is, the better.

5. Online Activities - I love playing the Gordon Ramsay Dash cooking/restaurant app. It's funny how the app has recordings of Gordon's voice. It would be nice to train the brain so a brain training game would be just as fun. But if all things fail and gets a bit boring, then a game of bingo and other fluffy favorites won't disappoint either.

We can also try to teach the little one some age-appropriate lessons using online tools. I'm sure there would be raised eyebrows but to each his own I guess.

Do I have enough in my list to keep the ball rolling for the next three months or so? If you have other ideas, do let me know so we can also try. 

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