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While waiting for feedback from a travel agency if they will hire me to write for them, I decided to feature Denmark once again on my blog - because after all, it's my second home country and I've fallen in-love with how beautiful it is the very first time I visited in the winter months of 2013.

I know Denmark is not always included in every travel bucket list but I say you could be missing out on good things or places or experiences for that matter. (P.S. I am not paid to write this blog post so you can rest easy knowing that the words were written with intention and zero sugar-coating at best.)

1. Spend a quiet spring morning inside the Bispebjerg Cemetery under a canopy of cherry blossoms.

2. Admire the dreamy surroundings on an idyllic drive along the North Jutland coast (canola fields near Hanklit on the island of Mors.

3. And not far from Copenhagen, a couple hours away by car, is this awesome work of nature. Møns Klint is an impressive display of chalk cliffs with a unique flora and fauna. Fossil-hunting is a sure hit when the tide is low below the cliffs. If you plan to bring your drone, make sure to check the schedule as it is not permitted to fly drones at certain months. 

4. Experience the Black Sun (Sort Sol). It is called as such because every year in fall millions of starlings gather to fly towards warmer weather and the sheer number of these birds almost covers the setting sun thus the term sort sol was called.

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5. Poppy fields dot the countryside fields in the summer.

6. A tangible proof that Denmark isn't so dull and dreary after all is Nyhavn in Copenhagen. If you're a fun of love locks then you can lock your love in one of the bridge railings here (although I'm not sure if it's even encouraged). WHY I LOVE NYHAVN IN COPENHAGEN

7. Yes, you have to pack your bags and visit this lighthouse before the cliff where it stands is eroded by the strong waves. The Rubjerg Knude is located 90 meters above sea level. Several meters disappear each year and so before you lose your chance, head on over to Lønstrup in North Jutland now.

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8. If castles are your thing then you won't be disappointed to visit a few magnificent castles in Denmark. Like the Egeskov Castle in the island of Fyn or the Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød or Hamlet's Castle Kronborg and so many others.

9. Denmark has beautiful architecture -  both old and new.

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10. For all the museum junkies - there are several open-air museums in Denmark where you can experience the life of Denmark in the old days.

If you want to get a chance to travel to Denmark for free to experience it's quentessential "hygge", join this advent-calendar type contest now. There are 13 more doors to open - finding hygge in 24 days.

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