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Summer is here! Of course, summer in tropical countries like the Philippines is getting hotter and hotter each year and this year is no exemption. The thermometer has been registering a staggering heat of up to 36 degrees every day. In some areas near the equator,  I heard the temperature reaches a record high of up to  42 degrees. Whoa! Pretty incredible alright.

Last week, my daughter bugged me and kept asking me when we will go to the beach. She likes cold weather and even sleeps in front of the AC so I guess she has been feeling the scorching heat outside. I decided to give in and asked her if we can just go swim in the pool instead and she agreed. We brought along the goodies that Tupperware Brands sent us to add to our summer essentials. So generous! Our thank you's are in order. 

So off we went to the pool and I let Summer swim, wade, and run around under the sun. She really enjoys being outside and so I made sure to bring some sunscreen with a high SPF factor that is suitable for her skin. On my skin, I slathered the Suncelle Suncreen Body Lotion with SPF30 and sprayed the Suncelle Instant Cooling Skin Spray every time I take a rest from swimming. 

The one thing that I've been really diligent at as of late is slathering on sunscreen every time I go out of the house. Even if I won't be directly exposed under the sun, I still wear sunscreen because hey an ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure. I don't want to have skin cancer in the future. So imagine how meticulous I am when it comes to Summer's skin.

As you can see from the photo above, we also received other products from Tupperware brands. I haven't used the lipsticks yet because I plan to bring them with me to Denmark. Yep, we're going back again in June and we will extend our summer there. I'll probably bring the cooling body powder with us as well since we have planned to go on some long walks again. I'll write an in-depth review of these products as soon as I have used them longer. For now, I am going to share with you my first impressions review of the products (except the lipsticks): 

Collagen Protect System 30SPF PA++ Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB
Water Resistant | Non-Greasy | Has Vitamin E
Original Price: Php399 - currently on sale at Php229 (save Php170)

It was love at first swipe the first time I used this lotion. I love that the smell is gentle and that it was easily absorbed by the skin and it was not greasy at all. The label says it is water resistant but I still made sure to reapply every after 30 minutes to ensure that my skin will be protected by the harmful rays of the sun (label instruction says to reapply every two hours though). I tried putting it on my face and it didn't sting my eyes. I'll be stocking up on this for sure. The downside that I see with this product is that it has parabens which act as preservatives for the product (methylparaben and propylparaben). But hey, the benefits of this sunscreen outweighs it all!

Should we really avoid parabens? Despite the media frenzy surrounding parabens, the published research and global cosmetic regulatory organizations are making the answer clear: parabens, especially in small amounts used in personal-care products do not pose a significant health risk at all. - Cosmetics Cop

You can pick and mix Suncelle products to get even more discounts this summer: 

Made with Aloe Vera (also contains allantoin, castor oil, and menthol)
Original Price: Php299 - currently on sale at Php129 (save Php170)

This product was very handy and it's perfect to carry for quick dip in the pool or to put inside your bag's little pocket. It has a very faint fragrance. The main ingredient of this product is aloe vera which relieves skin redness and inflammation, and it also helps to minimize discomfort, burning and itching due to heat or sun exposure.  It also has allantoin that helps to lock in moisture for healthy and protected skin. I like the instant cooling effect of this product on my skin. I was looking for the minty effect of the menthol but I didn't feel it. 

I guess you could tell by now that these two are my most favorite from the Tupperware Brands summer essentials. I highly recommend these products and I hope you give it a try and include it in your own summer essentials as well. 


Wearing sunscreen, most popularly known as sunblock, benefits our health especially our skin in so many ways. Sunscreen protects us from the harmful rays of the sun (radiation). Suncreen also reduces the risk of having skin cancer, premature aging and the most common and readily observable effect - sunburns. It is very essential to note that it is not only during summer time that we need to apply sunscreen. The need for shielding our skin from the effects of the sun should be all year round - whenever we go out of our houses. 


There are many benefits and here are some that I hope would make you start diligently putting on sunscreen (if you aren't yet):

  • shields our skin from harmful UV rays
  • prevents premature aging
  • lowers the risk of skin cancer
  • minimizes uneven skin tone and blotchiness on the face
  • prevents sunburn
  • enhances skin health

Infused with SalScent and cooling actives
Original Price: Php240 - currently on sale at Php169 (save Php71)

I used this after my daughter takes a bath and she loves the fruity smell of the Zestful Purple variant which has a fresh floral scent. The SalScent Fragrance capsules activate when you perspire for long lasting freshness. I can't provide a good enough review yet because we haven't used this product that much so please bookmark my blog so you can be notified when I post my review about this in June.

Non-drying, smooth satin finish
Original Price: Php199 - currently on sale at Php109 (save Php90 and any two for Php179 only)

According to the Tupperware Brands website, the satin lipsticks are non-drying and has a smooth satin finish on the lips. I haven't opened this yet so I could not show you a swatch but I promise to write a review really soon. 

There are four shades to choose from - sexy apple, happy orange, intense grape and sweet peach. As this is limited edition, I also plan to buy the sweet peach and happy orange to complete my review. 

Young, vibrant adventurous scents
Original Price: Php380 - currently on sale at Php169 (save Php211 and any two for Php299 only)

I love how fresh and light this fragrance is. Its perfect for when you want to spray on a fragrance that is not overwhelming and won't smell sour when you sweat. The scent reminds me so much of the mists I used to use when I was younger. I tried spraying this on my hair and the scent lasted for a while. I love this a lot! 

I have other plans this summer while we spend another month here in the Philippines so I'll be sure that I am going to bring all these summer essentials with me and I'm going to use the Tupperware Brands expandable maroon/red bag. I'm a "big bag person" so this bag is perfect for me when we go back to the pool or when we go to the beach again.  

Check out Tupperware brands on social media: 

What are your summer essentials? Let me know by leaving a comment below. Enjoy summer! Again, please don't forget to wear sunscreen...

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