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When I was mulling about what course to take for my university degree, my mom had the last say. She originally wanted me to be a teacher like her but she changed her mind when I wanted to be an engineer. She then egged me to enroll for an accounting course since my college assessment score passed the limit and at that time my school required a higher passing mark than the engineering degrees. Ah! Yes, if you haven't known already, my mom is a motivator but I felt like she was a dictator that time. Haha! Looking back, I think she had a point.

To cut the long story short, I finished an accounting degree, took up several units for my masters degree, got deep into my career way out of the accounting shadows, and finally I'm now retired from any night shift and 8 to 5 jobs. I decided to teach myself graphic design after I gave birth and I never stopped learning as much as I can. I convinced myself that it's never too late to learn a new skill and while my memory is still quite a bit sharp, I'll absorb whatever information I can get by joining trainings and courses. I am proud to say that after almost 3 years of resisting formal training, I have already finished my masterclass on Photoshop and I'm now working on finishing my masterclass on Illustrator.

Early in July, an opportunity knocked and I was asked if I am up for a challenge and be a trainer for moms who wants to explore the graphic design while working from home. I was a bit hesitant at first. If you know me, I'm never a scurry-type of person. I actually resist any curveball thrown at me but this was different, I knew I would be helping other mommies nourish their interest and potential and so I feel like aside from the monetary gain, I would be doing a form of service for my growth and other's growth as well. And so, I signed up for the job. I hurriedly developed my course outline and hit the ground running in a week or so.

I never envisioned that I will become a teacher - not even in my wildest dreams. But as they say, you just never say never when an opportunity knocks. I am the trainer for photo editing, video editing and a bit of brand marketing. I'll handle the second batch of enrollees this month and I think I'm more than ready to face another challenge. I'm sure my mom is smiling inside because I'm now a teacher too like her.

If you are a Filipina mom and wants to join our group, visit Fhmoms Facebook group. We're a community of homebased moms who still wants to work while staying home to take care of the household. Because yes, we're supermoms! You'll also learn how to enroll in my class this week. An announcement will be released to the group. I promise you, it will be worth it! 

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