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I admit I did not really care about licenses and terms of use of websites I join when I first started. I was in the middle of purposely ignoring the terms and just being lazy because I couldn't care less since I am only designing for my self - just for personal use. But all that changed when I decided to make graphic design a big part of my business. I started to become very judicious in reading every copyright claim attached to every graphic element I use.

And then I found Canva and I really loved using it. In fact, I lean towards using Canva when I need to churn out designs in the least amount of time possible. I've also tried creating logo drafts on Canva but I never used it to make final designs.

Now the question is would you like to use Canva to design your logo? The answer is YOU CAN, but I would not personally recommend it because of these reasons:

1. If you use Canva, chances are your output will be low quality. 

The standard size for a Canva logo is 500px x 500 px. That resolution will not allow you to enlarge your logo when you need it for higher resolution projects. You also only have 2 options to download your logo - download as png or jpg without being able to adjust the resolution. And that sucks right?

2. If you use Canva, you will not be able to trademark your logo. 

Simply put, your logo is not your own and can never be yours. Also, Canva's pre-made layouts are available for all Canva users to use, your logo design will not be unique and that means your logo may look like someone else's logo and you cannot claim copyright over that unless of course you heavily modify the template. If you have the intention to take your brand to a higher level or you plan to make it big in the industry, then a logo made in Canva is not your safest bet.

3. If you use Canva, be sure to adhere to the licensing agreement. 

Canva's licensing agreement states that your logos cannot contain elements from Canva's image library - either free or paid. The only elements that you can use are basic shapes and lines, free fonts (default Canva fonts) and pre-made logo layouts.

If you upload your own graphic design elements or those you have paid for then you can use them for your logos made in Canva. Note that images that are sourced online have copyright claims that belong to their owner/creator and must not be used in any way, shape or form except if you have express approval from the rightful owner.

Now you may ask, what if you are paying for Canva for Work account? Well the answer is you still need to follow the terms of use. It's like going to a members-only salon, you can avail of the services but you cannot bring home the equipment that you see in the salon. Get it?

4. If you use Canva, your logo will not be in vector format. 

This is the least of your consideration if you only plan to make a simple logo that you do not have plans of stretching out or resizing in the future. Vector logos can be resized infinitely and can be made using software like Adobe Illustrator. 

So there you go. My view may be controversial at the very least but I hope it will make you think and be able to make this all-important decision for yourself, your brand, or your client. If you have a different point of view about this burning issue then please feel free to comment below. I won't bite!

Think twice about creating your logo using Canva and if you do make sure that you abide by the terms of use to avoid any legal battle in the future. Remember that every business decision has a legal impact. Don't take the shortcut or the most convenient route. 

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