Thank you for visiting my blog. You are welcome to browse and linger here in my webspace - my online diary of sorts. My name is Kessa Thea (you can call me Kessa, Thea or KT). I am based in Makati City, Philippines. 

I write about travel, my family, food, my thoughts, reviews, advertorials as well as occasional reposts of articles I feel are worth sharing. 

I left my corporate job so that I can be a full-time manager of our household mainly to take care of my baby daughter while pursuing my other passions on the side - blogging, business, calligraphy and graphic design. 

Email: kessathea26@gmail.com
Instagram: @ktnielsen24
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I started blogging in 2005 but I've already forgotten the URL of my first blog. I then moved to Multiply and then started a new blog here in Blogger in 2008. I am at the moment very tempted to move to a new blogging platform but the sentimental value of this blog is something that I could not just drop like a hot potato. I guess I am sticking here for good. Let's see...